Community Prayer at Spring Mount

Tuesday Evening


This prayer time has a specific ‘outward looking’ focus. We focus on the needs beyond our church, both locally and worldwide. Currently, we are particularly praying for the community of Walney and we spend much time considering our family in the persecuted church around the world.

We have been delighted recently to have the young people come and pray with us toward the end of the session, following their Bible Study.

Wednesday Morning


Community prayer time – this prayer time has a real ‘all round’ feel, where we pray for one another, the needs of our church, town and wider afield.

Wednesday Afternoon – Prayer for Israel

1:30 – 3pm – various homes

Psalm 122 v 6 commands: Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: In Romans 10 v 1 Paul writes that it is his heart’s desire and prayer to God that all Israel will be saved so we pray for the salvation of all who live in the land, Jew and Arab and gentile. We also receive newsletters and prayer bulletins from CFI (Christian Friends of Israel) and PFI (Prayer for Israel), and these inform us of the needs of Messianic Fellowships and also Arab Christians in Israel. It is a most blessed prayer meeting, led and guided by the Holy Spirit, we stand on the promises of God, who is keeping His covenant to the Jews, He has brought them back to the Land of Israel in fulfillment of prophesy.

If you would like more information, please contact Jeanetta on 07854076268.

Sunday  Morning


This time is primarily to pray for the Sunday Services, that God would be glorified and our lives touched.

Sunday Evening – Walney Meal Week


This time has been specifically set aside on the Walney Meal nights. We pray, asking God to lead us in our efforts to demonstrate God’s love to those who live in the Walney community. We pray in the main hall and all practical preparation for the meal starts after the prayer time.

House Groups

Various times through the week

Housegroups provide an opportunity to pray for one another as we grow as disciples. Also, house groups may decide to commit to pray for a specific issue, place or person, held dear to that group.  Contact us for more details.

Sunday Evening, Prayer Nights

2nd, 3rd & 5th Sundays in the month, 6.15pm

This is an essential time in which we humble ourselves before God as a whole church together, recognizing our need of Him. If you can be there, as an important part of Spring Mount family, young or old, please come along.

It has been purposefully planned so that the leadership team can be available together and we can specifically pray into very current and relevant aspects of our church life. We are learning to listen to God’s promptings within worship and prayer. We also look further afield and use up to date information to pray relevantly for our Christian family around the world.