“To reach, teach, grow and send”

— Spring Mount Christian Fellowship mission statement

Our mission as a church is to reach people for Christ, to teach people about Christ, to help people to grow in Christ and to send people for Christ.

As a church we believe God has given us a vision to see three worshipping communities in our part of Cumbria. We currently have a main hub in Barrow on Abbey Road – where we hold our two weekly Sunday services – and a building on Walney, where we have a community meal and opportunity to worship once a month.  The Walney building operates as a community and youth centre under the banner of “The Walney Community Trust”.

Over the last few years God has been stirring and opened doors which are both exciting and a little scary. As these opportunities continue to open up we will share them here on this site. We seek to align our hearts with his will and we seek to glorify him in all we do.

We have recently acquired a third building, Salthouse Pavilion on Roose Road in Barrow. We plan to move our Sunday services there in the very near future and are very excited about stepping out into a new community. As a church we are currently spending time in prayer and preparation as we work on the details regarding practicalities and also begin to embark on some redecoration in the building.

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In terms of mission, we proudly support a number of people and projects all over the world. These include The PAIS Project, Tearfund, Blessed Hill School and Orphanage, Open Doors and many more. We also support several missionaries and interns, both financially and in prayer.