Baptisms at Spring Mount

22 October 2017

What a great morning of celebration it was as we baptised Alysha and Liam. We loved hearing the difference God has made in their lives and seeing them take this step of obedience to Jesus.

Please pray for them as they try to follow Jesus ever closer each day.

  • Alysha
    Getting baptised was a huge decision for me. I had this idea in my head that to be baptised, I had to be a perfect Christian. I am far from perfect, but I believe that my God is alive and Is amazing. Being baptised is not to say I'm perfect, it's to say this is what I have chosen.
  • Liam
    For me being baptised hasn’t changed anything really in my life other than the fact that everyone now knows I am in a relationship with god and I intend to use the gifts he has given me to spread his word and love him forever, being baptised is awesome!
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