We met for the first time in the Pavilion on Sunday evening January 4th, 2016. We met for a time of Prayer and Praise and to talk about vision for the use of the amazing resource of the Pavilion. It seemed fitting to meet to do this on the first Sunday of the year.

We met in the Upper room as the main auditorium is a building site. So many ideas were put forward about how we can be part of the community of Salthouse.

Thanks to those who got the room ready for us to meet and for those who work tirelessly in the main part of the building. It was exciting to see the progress.

We will meet occasionally at the Pavilion.  To find out when, sign up to receive our monthly newsletter.

If you’re interested in getting involved and can serve in the project in any way at all, let the leadership know.

  1. 9th January 2016

    Awesome stuff! Can’t wait to see it when I get back.

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